A Description of the Kingdom of Siam 1690

In September 1689, Hubertus Kaempfer reached Batavia [nowadays referred to as Jakarta]; spent the following winter studying Javanese natural history, and in May 1690 set out for Japan as physician to the Dutch East India Company’s trading-post in Nagasaki. En route to Japan, the ship in which he sailed touched at Siam [known since 1932 as Thailand], whose capital at the time was Ayutthaya. Here he recorded his meeting with the Siamese Minister and former ambassador to France, Kosa Pan. Kaempfer’s description of the political, social and physical state of the country in the 17th century for upwards of a hundred years remained the chief source of information for the general reader, and is still not obsolete. This book includes original pictures and pictures added by the editor, is annotated in the footnotes, and includes a biography of the author.

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