Data Analysis with Spreadsheets (with CD-ROM)

Information Management
David A. Patterson and Randall E. Basham have produced the first book and CD-ROM to combine text, video and graphs to clearly describe and illustrate how social workers can use spreadsheets to collect data, analyze statistics and create graphs of research results.  Students and professionals will find this an excellent guide to taking advantage of spreadsheet software, an underutilized, inexpensive and commonly available data analytic tool found in most, if not all, agency settings.    Data Analysis with Spreadsheest offer instructors clearly articulated descriptions and video demonstrations of data analysis procedures that are commonly referred to in research and practice evaluation texts.  This text and CD-ROM present a variety of ways to select random samples and clearly demonstrate how to produce descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, and bivariate analyses using spreadsheets.

Applied General Equilibrium Analysis

This book presents a collection of articles on applied general equilibrium analysis by major contributors to this field. This rapidly expanding method of analysis involves the use of computers to study entire economies and the interrelationships among firms, households and governments in these economies. There are also articles on the particular computational techniques involved in the numerical estimation of these equilibrium models and on several particular applications. Papers deal with the United States, Mexican and Australian economies. Other chapters provide an analysis of long-run energy problems, fiscal federalism and economic planning.